FUCQDOCQ PROJECT #1 The White Horse Rider (2016)_Half version

The White Horse Rider 백마타고 온 또또 (2016)

Creator : 김지환 KIM Ji-hwan ( FUCQDOCQ )
WEB: http://fucqdocq.wixsite.com/fucqdocq
RT: 14min
Genre: Documentary

15th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival / Competition / Korea / 2016
17th DIFF_Daegu Independent Short Film Festival / Competition / Korea / 2016

Gil-Jong Ha, the director of “The March of Fools” passed away in 1979. Mr. Ha led Korea’s New Wave movement in film industry, altogether direction 7 films. This documentary narrates two pieces from Mr. Ha’s writing, “The Ecology of Youth” as well as “The White Horse Rider”. “The Ecology of Youth” is Mr. Ha’s observations on the youths who’ve experienced political turmoil during 1960s. At that time the book,”The March of Fools” gained immense popularity and Mr. Ha was was directing the film version of the book. “The White Horse Rider” talks about Mr. Ha’s experience of meeting his friend’s American wife. Both tales are told in the voice of a young man living through Korea, now.

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