Goodbye Shanghai

While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two Western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. They store it in an upright bass case and wander the streets of Shanghai, waiting for their morning departure. When the more experienced of the two insists they spend their last night partying in a local club, the night takes a wild turn. Goodbye Shanghai explores the negative effects of Western imperialism on modern Chinese culture.

Written & Directed by: Adam Christian Clark
Produced by: Michael Ziming Ouyang
Executive Producer: Ruth Surrey
Co-Executive Producer: Adam Hendricks
Cinematography by: Shu Chou
Loran Fredric … Loran
Charles Mayer … Jon
Jon T. Benn … Mac Donald (voice)
Zheng Chao … Baba
Yuzu Chen … Mouse
Andy Fu … Manager
Kou Hao … Wu Kong
Zhang Jing … Lily
Cheng Jun … English Gangster
Da Qing … Mandarin Gangster
Lisa Bean … Cat
Vivienne Yu … Cat
Jenevieve Chang … Lead Cat

A Deanland Studios presentation of a Blueberry Films production.

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