Grief (eng Subs) (Shortfilm)

On a rainy night a battered taxi drifts through the streets of Berlin. Iona, a Russian immigrant, is behind the wheel. His son Sasha had financed the family by driving the taxi until his sudden death. Now Iona tries his best as a blundering taxi driver. But what he really wants is to find someone to talk to about his son’s death.

Directed by: Daniel Lang
Written by: Annette von der Mülbe
Cinematography by: Johannes Wiedermann
Production Design by: Antje Goldmann
Sound by: Yannik Hermannsdörfer
Music by: Tilman Ritter
Produced by: Anna Wendt, HFF Potsdam Babelsberg, ZDF Theaterkanal
Starring: Victor Choulman, Conrad Waligura, Markus Kaatsch, Carmen-Maja Antoni, Sarah Tkotsch, David Hofmann, Friedrich Lindner, Jaecki Schwarz, Rita Breitkreiz, Toni Snetberger, Heiko Pinkowski
Country and Year of Production: Germany, 2004

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