Happy Place

Imprisoned inside its packaging and stuck on a toy shop shelf, a lonely radio-controlled toy truck uses its imagination to go on an adventure and find its happy place.

Happy Place is another passion project made solely by us – we hope you enjoy it!

Produced, directed, shot and cut by Sharp & Jenkins (http://sharpandjenkins.com)
Toys by Maisto (www.maisto.com)

Sharp & Jenkins represented by Nexus (http://www.nexusproductions.com)

Making Happy Place…

Pretty much the whole film was shot in-camera, and we developed a bunch of techniques allowing us to achieve this including a new way of shooting ‘forced perspective’ scenes for when our toy sees other giant toys in the desert…

To achieve this we simply placed real toys right next to our camera (sometimes touching the lens) but to prevent them being out of focus we used a pinhole photography technique that gave us an infinite depth-of-field. We made tiny round metal discs with a pinhole punched through the center then stuck these behind our camera lens. Normally this wouldn’t allow anywhere near enough light into the camera, but by using the new Sony A7s DSLR we could use its incredible sensitivity to capture what light came through the pinhole – and this technique allows little things placed on the camera lens to look huge!

We also used our DJI Phantom drone to shoot in the desert, and sometimes just hand-held it above the ground to make use of its amazing gimbal!

Happy Place was filmed in the UK and in Nevada, USA (while on a holiday!).

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