Highlining 2800m in winter.’Hayley’- 90 seconds about fear. (Dir. Stian Smestad Music by Nils Frahm)

Before walking a 52 meter highline at 2800 altitude in midst winter, I asked Hayley about fear. She replied with her favorite quote from Frank Herbert’s “Dune”. A short film about Hayley Ashburn, filmed in the Torri del Vajolet, set to the hypnotizing soundtrack Tristana by Nils Frahm.

Directed by Stian Smestad (www.hellostian.com)
Athlete Hayley Ashburn
Music Nils Frahm «Tristana»

Note: Please do not upload to other sites because of personal rights agreements I have.

Produced by
Stopp (now MediaMonks)
Pinc Solutions
Timeline Productions
Adidas Outdoor

Dop Jo Eken Torp

Camera operators
Max Reichel
Franz Hinterbrander

Cineflex Irmin Kerck
Sound recording Roland Winkler

Sound design Andy Carroll
Grade & Opening title The Mill NYC
End titles Eirik Fjerdingstad
Edit and interview by Stian Smestad

Special thanks
Edward Grann
Nils Frahm
Christina Voellinger
Roland Symons
Manners McDade Artist Management
Erased Tapes Music
The Mill NYC
Scott Rogers
Jill Kuz
Michael Meisl
Anna Adamson
Sarah Grey
Andreas «The Hoff» Keller