His faces

“David’s friendship was the light of my life. I never met such a brilliant person. He was the best there is.” , wrote Iggy Pop to say goodbye to his friend David Bowie…

Α fantastic world without David Bowie inside it shows dystopian, black and white, sterile and ostensible, deeply locked into cliches and stereotypes, hoping desperately for someone to appear from space, one with red hair, a thin white Duke sensual and transparent, someone alien having different colored eyes, who invades the stage singing with blase tone: “Let’s dance ! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues …”
He was a phenomenon of the times, who never stopped to study, to evolve, to be informed about what’s happening around him, studying every form of contemporary art and being adapted to the demands of the times, not as compatible with their cliches, but through the overthrow of all stereotypes.
The universe conspired to fall on Earth (as the legend says, of the traveler from Space) Ziggy Stardust, who came to bring a message of hope to the youth of Earth from space and to change it , changing constantly at first time himself as genuine Chameleon not only the music but the art, combining music with cinema, visual arts, theater and literature, the rock music with Bertold Brecht and Burroughs, the shine of a superstar with German expressionism and Dada, the hardness with nostalgia and several arts together into one.

Α few days ago after he turned even his death to a stunning, dark performance , he said goodbye to us with his great “Blackstar” and Ziggy Stardust returned to his star, which he came from on earth . . .

Goodbye Mr. Lawrence !
Rest in peace David Bowie . . .

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