Home Education – Teaser

‘Home Education’ is my graduation film from The London Film School. It is the result of a year of uninterrupted work. Starting with a feature script, which we are currently developing and planning on shooting next year. We worked on narrowing the story down to something which would function as a short film, as well as giving the sense of a much larger world inhabited by the characters. The crew worked tirelessly at this, creating most of what you see from scratch, from the clothes worn by the characters to the decor, which helps give the film a very unique and distinctive quality.

For more information check out:

homeeducationfilm.com – Official Website
facebook.com/homeeducationfilm – Facebook Page
twitter.com/Home_ed_06 – Twitter

ALSO, you can have a look at my two previous short films here:

vimeo.com/101209877 – How We Are Now

vimeo.com/122834158 – Wasteworld

The full films will be released online later this year, once they have completed their festival run.

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