Host (a Danny Lacey short film)

Short film number 3 from writer/director Danny Lacey. Shot in October 2011 in one day and with a tiny budget of £300 (approx $500).

It’s all part of The Filmmaker’s Journey, it started in 2009 when Danny knew nothing about making films or the industry. Everything is self taught. The unique aspect of Danny’s journey is the way in which he’s sharing everything online via and

Format: RED EPIC 5.5K

Starring: Raffaello Degruttola ( and John Guilor

Written, produced, directed and edited by: Danny Lacey
Cinematography: Philip Bloom (
Camera Assistant: Sarah Estela
Lighting Director: David Beaumont (
Production Sound Mixer: Johan Maertens (
Make-Up: Melanie Lenihan
Visual Effects: Chris Taylor
Composer: Richard Bodgers (
Sound Mix: Dave Armstrong
Grading: Andrew Dobson Broadcast Services (

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