HouseSpecial – Happy 2nd Anniversary!

A look inside our studio on the day we moved in and today.

On July 20, 2014, we announced that we were spinning off from LAIKA as its advertising/commercial division. Investing principal’s President Lourri Hammack, Creative Director Kirk Kelley and Managing Director of Strategic Operations Al Cubillas lead our business building with LAIKA’s blessing.

“Animation isn’t just a storytelling medium – it’s our life force and our passion,” said Lourri. “We are
honored to be entrusted with LAIKA/house’s rich legacy as we build the next chapter of our longstanding
commercial content division. Under the new HouseSpecial banner, we will push our animation expertise
into new digital markets including online animation series, branded short films and exclusive micro work.”

Two years later, here we are firmly grounded as HouseSpecial. Thanks to everyone who helped build our success and continue to champion great animation.

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