HYPE – Only The Strong Survive (short film)

Client: HYPE

Song: Rubber Head by Cliff Martinez
Drive Soundtrack


Shawnee Badger

Preston Alan DeNunzio

While in LA shooting the ‘Hype’ Summer Collection lookbook. I also wanted to shoot something different for the company.

This is a short promotion piece I wrote, shot, directed & edited. I also did the narration for the piece.

I wanted to try and create a unique piece that represents their line through strong imagery that could almost feel like a trailer for a short film. Where the clothing can be represented in an everyday lifestyle situation. Creating different moods to fit with the different pieces they are wearing.

The models were so fun to work with, so it never felt like work. Shawnee & Preston had a nice chemistry together so I chose to shoot the piece with them.

Shot in LA and surrounding areas.

The story is a narrated piece over footage that views a relationship running its course.
Shawnee’s role takes action with some regret to follow.

Life…Full of pain & happiness
Love.. We choose love to feel connected, yet love breaks us apart
Image defines us, negativity from others that don’t understand us
Strength.. Only the strong will survive

Narration – Daniel Peters

Stay tuned for the Hype LA Summer lookbook

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