I See Us (Short Film)

“We must love the ones we love while they are still here with us.”

-I See Us-
While Louis prepares for a funeral for his neglected best friend, a former flame returns in his life for a day.

Nostalgia can become an accidental addiction. You can be triggered by familiarity through sight, touch, and sound and it can feel great to remember those things. However, it is important to keep those things in small doses. We cannot let ourselves pine for the past or else that will be the only thing that we can rely on.

The style for this film came to me while taking my Contemporary Art Cinema class where we watched films such as Wong Kar-Wai’s IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE and Lucretia Martel’s LA MUJER SIN CABEZA. The film techniques that tied in with the themes of the film astounded me and it pushed me to make a film in that direction.

My Filmmaking III project shot back in 2014.
Starring: Filip Ilic, Claire Fishman, Richard Bernstein, Glenn Dungan

Director: Bryant Magdael
Producer: Lenny Cedeno, Alejandra Cedeno
Director Of Photography: Alejandra Cedeno
Assistant Director: Deja Lee
Assistant Camera: David Burdzy
Gaffer: Clayton Dias
Sound Mixer: Leslie Ledondo
Boom Operator: Emily Perez, Isabella Erb-Peterson
Set Photographer: Alex Malakhov
Music: Felinah Buslig, Mel Lamagna

Special thanks to Costello-Greiner Funeral Home, Joe Gilford, Gerhard Patterson, Stephen Bodossian, and Montclair State University

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