(Try to watch the short in HD with headphones on and volume cranked if you can, for maximum immersion!)
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CREATOR’S PROJECT: “Experience The Frozen Wonder Of Toronto’s Recent Ice Storm With This Hypnotizing Timelapse”

GLOBAL TV NEWS INTERVIEW: “Psychedelic Time Lapse Shows Beauty in Toronto Ice Storm Aftermath”

WATCH: Psychedelic time-lapse shows beauty in Toronto ice storm aftermath

I was home over the holidays in Toronto during the epic ice storm of 2013 and I managed to bundle up and face the insanely cold temperatures to get some timelapses and document the damage — including a massive tree that crashed through the fence in our OWN yard (0:28-0:35) and a huge array of destruction unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. As documented elsewhere, the ice storm also brought much beauty, with a blue blanket of transparent ice not seen since Schwarzenegger in BATMAN AND ROBIN.

Loving the surreal lighting effect of the ice on the trees, I experimented with utilizing / enhancing this in the second half of the video with a cocktail of Light Rays/Zooms/Rotations/Saturation — creating the kaleidoscopic “ICELIGHTING” effect you see. I imagine it’s gonna be a “love it or hate it” effect, but I found it very transfixing, with a similar trippy rotational buzz I get from watching star trails.

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Shot on the Canon EOS 6D with Canon 24mm/1.4F lens and TC-80N3 Intervalometer.
Music: “MISTAKE” Courtesy of MobyGratis.Com. Music Performed by Moby.

Shot and Edited by: Gavin Heffernan / Sunchaser Pictures
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