In Your Head

Originally created and shown in the Apple Store – Covent Garden as part of an event hosted by Bright Young Brits. The film was made to compliment the song ‘In Your Head’ by Gabby Young & Other Animals. A still was taken from the film and pitched as an album cover which will be decided this week.

This video was made as a collaboration with Jessie May Peters, it is an abstract interpretation of Gabby Young’s lyrics.

Produced in less than a week, we started by scripting the piece, and drawing a rough story-board. A rough animatic was made in after effects to give an idea of how the piece would be timed. Once the model was decided (Kat Jenkins), we lit the scene, and used a program called Dragon Frame to capture the animation. We took it in turns to be either the person drawing the animation onto Kat’s face, or the person directing the animation behind the computer. Once the animation was complete, the frames were taken into after effects to be complied and perfected with grading. The piece was sent to my brother Jamie Stocker, a Birmingham based music producer, who applied the final touch of an effects driven soundtrack.

All shot in camera over the course of a day and a half, with no post-effects applied.

Directed by Joshua Stocker & Jessie May Peters
Model | Kat Jenkins
Sound by Jamie Stocker

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