Inspiration (stopmotion)

A short film made only from still photos.

Not really a short film… it was a test but I liked it, so I spent a few more hours (ok, a lot of hours!) to finish it…

It was made by editing in Final Cut pro a series of still photos of the actor I took with a Nikon D70s.
I used a lot of hand made paint textures, drops, ink brushed lines, etc. I also used some old stone wall textures.
I composed every shot in Photoshop splitting footage in layers, drawing and pasting things like a kind of “collage” or patchwork.
Later, I made a 3d composition in After Effects.
Every layer was internally animated independently and later composed in a 3d environment in which I put lights and DoF (depth of field).
The music and sound effects were made with Soundtrack and Apple loops.

By the way, thanks for the comments!
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