Intuicion Shortfilm – Spanish with Subtitles Ingles

Format: HD 1920×1080
Year: Ocutbre, 2012
Duración: 17:27 min.

“Intuition” tells the story of Lola and Alfonso, a couple in a long lasting relationship about to break up. Alfonso wanted to end it a long time ago but Lola doesn´t want to admit and accept it. Truth hurts so much that Lola escapes through her imagination creating for herself an imaginary, perfect boyfriend. But she looses control and her made-up world is so strong that she can´t distinguish real life from fiction.

Director Statement:

Imagination is the driving force of all creativity. It appears, comes and goes, without the possibility of controlling it. It can´t be caught and no one knows how long it could stay. Imagination is free and powerful.
Imagination uses memory, our experiences, and our feelings, to transform reality. If I am not conscious of that, it is possible that I could take that as real even though it is not present, it doesn´t even exist. We create an image of a fictitious reality, we do it every day. With people, with situations, with the environment. For Kant, imagination is the unification of what is given in intuition; through imagination we create a synthesis that is the origin of knowledge. In In this shortfilm: “Intuition” I wanted to work with experiences that make use of imagination, where the result is an intuitive conscience.

Short Biography about the Autor:
Journalist, Film-Director,”Universidad de Cine Buenos Aires”, (Ucine)

KATHRIN FRANK (32) born in 1981 Nürnberg, Germany. Graduated from journalism in the university of Sankt Augustin, Germany. Later she worked in Colonia for the television and the national radio as a news editor. She directed and produced her first documentary called “Ausgegrenzt” Zigeunerleben in Deutschland”. A documentary about the stigmatization of Roman and Sinti in Germany. This film was sold to a national channel ZDF and had reruns for over 3 years. In 2007 she attended a seminar dedicated to documentary filmmaking in Buenos Aires. She also worked as author and journalist for a production company dedicates to television shows. During that period of time she did her second documentary about immigration and adolescent integration through the plastic arts. This project was financed by the Museumsdienst Köln foundation, from the museum Ludwig and was broadcasted in the museum but also in various cultural events, and festivals. In 2009 she returned to Argentina and enrolled in Universidad del Cine (FUC) in a film directing career. Kathrin Frank participated in multiple short films and was selected for the university curricular short films. Her short film called “Aurelia y un sueño” was screend in various festivals. She has also done severalmusic videos for local bands, some videoart, and documentaries. In october 2012 she was working for the production company RIZOMA as assistent director and assistent producer. She worked for the documentary “Alfonsina Storni”, co-produced with VENTURA FILMS. At the moment she is producing her first feature film.

2013 – First Feature Film “cruzadas”
Script and Direction
2012 – Documentary about “Alfonsina Storni” VENTURA FILM (Ch), RIZOMA FILMS (Arg),
Director: Christoph Kühn
Asistent director and asistent producer
2012 – Shortfilm “Intuición”
Script and Direction
2012 – Videoarte “Alberto, der Mann der geht”
Script and Direction, Cámara, Cut
2011 – Shortfilm “Aurelia y un sueño”, Oficial Selection at Lakino Festival Berlin 2012, Teenfest Istanbul 2012; ISFF Detmold 2013
Script and Direction
2011 – musicvideo “Nunca es igual – CeHacheRespira”
Direction, Cut
2011 – musicvideo “Yo C – CeHacheRespira”
Direction, Camara, Cut
2011 – Musicvideo “Siempre es natural” – CeHacheRespira
Direction, Cámara, Cut
2009 – Documentary (10 min.) “Von Babylon nach Köln”, Museumsdienst Köln
Direction and Script, Cut
2009 – Die Quarksarena, WDR (First Entertainment)
Autor, Director de Casting
2009 – Die große Show der Naturwunder, ARD (First Entertainment)
2007 – Documentay (30 min.) “Ausgegrenzt – Zigeunerleben in Deutschland”, ZDF Dokukanal
Script, Direction, Cut

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