Jan – Shortfilm (HD)

Within the Rhine harbour areal in Basel there is a small old house looking somewhat out of place between the warehouses and container handling depots. It was once the home of a jewel in the crown of the Basel artistic and cultural scene, Jan Kessler, artist and pioneer in the art of pantomime. The studio in the little house by the Rhine Basin still looks very much as it was on the day he left it forever. And today, even after his death, it feels as if it holds the intellectual spirit and joy of life of the man who made the goal of his art the raising of a smile on the face of his fellow men. In 2010, «Jan» was nominated for short film award «Basel Nord».

Directed by Stefan Fitzner, Jeremy Däpp and Samira Liebendörfer. 
Editing by Stefan Fitzner. 

Conception by Isabelle Aenis.
Music by Lorenz Aenis.
© 2010 Stefan Fitzner, Samira Liebendörfer, Jeremy Däpp Samira Liebendörfer

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