John Palmer: Director’s Reel

Excerpts from short films & scene work directed by John Palmer

Cinematography by Marc Cartwright, Ashley Bush, Steve Greist, Meibei Liu, Youthana Yuos & John Palmer.

Performances by Iván A. Peña, Noah Bird, Daniel Robertson III, Josue Carlos Jimenez, Jon Daza, Abraham Luna, Travis Clayton, Dan O’Reilly, Lorri Layle Oliver, Brian Slaten, Shon Wilson, Kate Wharton, Faye Nightingale, Graham Beckett, Lindsay Chambers, Ydaiber Orozco, Joey Jenkins, Brian T. Arnold & Scott Key.

Works excerpted, written by John Palmer except where indicated:
“Stagehands” (2016)
“Two Peas” (2015) written by Michael Herman
“Pitbull” (2015)
“Black Sheep” (2015) written by Steve Greist
“Over Time” (2014)
“The Autumn and the Scarlet” (2016)
“Jimmy Go Back to Bed” (2015)
“SBP” (2014)
“Noir Test” (2015)

Song: “Todo Cambia” written by Julio Numhauser
Performed on camera by Ivan Peña and on soundtrack by Agnès Jaoui y El Quintet Oficial featuring Rorberto Gonzales Hurtado

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