Just The One Of Us (dir. Paul Trillo)

Part of The Connected Series by Samsung. To view more of The Connected Series visit: http://connected-series.tumblr.com

Bryon has nothing to do this weekend. Bored at work, he discovers his doppelgänger through a facial recognition search engine. When he tracks him down in person, things get weird.

Written and Directed by Paul Trillo
Director of Photography – Greg Wilson
Produced by Brian Streem, Jake Wasserman and Greenhouse Collective
Line Producer Milo Daemgen

Original Score by John Steven Morgan (http://johnstevenmorgan.bandcamp.com/)

In Order of Appearance:
Jeff Pearson
Josh Toups
Adam Stephenson
Nicole Cronley
Sage Maklansky
Michael Scott
Tony Taplin
Dallas Taylor

Editing by
Paul Trillo
Jordan Taylor Fuller
Chris Casey

Art Direction by Sam Henson
Casting by Rebecca Davis
Wardrobe by Hannah Mary Gates

Special thanks to the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective http://brooklynfilmmakerscollective.com/

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