Kino Kabaret Adriatic 2016 Teaser

Kino Z is proud to announce the very first Kino Kabaret in Croatia, which will take place in the town of Split.


Applications deadline: August 22nd

For those of you who don’t know what a Kino Kabaret is:

Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative film-making lab where invited artists create films in a mindset of spontaneity and collaboration. The production method utilizes principles of non-competitive work to encourage co-creation. Surprisingly, this unique concept became a resounding success, and is largely responsible for Kino groups or cells rapidly multiplying around the world. Founded in a spirit of collaboration and motivation, the movement stimulates the production of short-films by small crews with little to no budget. Kino is divided into individual cells, or chapters, most of which have a monthly screening where member directors can screen their films and usually organize Kino kabarets once in a year.

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