Last of You / מקום שאינו כאן – Trailer

28 minutes / Israel

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In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife.
When it’s time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, Yonatan holds on to the remnants of the past and refuses to face the harsh reality.

Starring: Yoav Donat, Maayan Weinstock
Directed by Dan Sachar (דן סחר)
Produced by Guy Lahav
Written by Kai Mark, Yuval Yefet
Cinematography by Hagai BenKuzari
Edited by Nelli Guy
Original Music by: Roy Shen-Zoor

Dan Sachar
Manager – Ari Lubet, 3 Arts Entertainment.