Lightning in a Bottle – A film by Smash LeFunK

Lightning in a Bottle 2013 happens on July 11th-15th at Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA.

Film by Smash LeFunk.

Produced by The Do LaB.

Filmed at Lightning in a Bottle 2012.

See credits for full cast/crew info.

Starring Shakti Shannon as Mother Nature

Written by Smash LeFunK and Duke DuRocK
Director of Photography – Bobby Mansouri
Editor – Smash LeFunK
Assistant Editor – Ally Bobus
Production Coordinator – Sara Kaye
Graphic Artist – Android Jones
Justin Totemical
Cameron Grey

Camera – Smash LeFunK
Bobby Mansouri
Daryl Henderson
Desmond Reich
Ido Banai
David Moquet
Terry Pratt
Steve Brawner

VFX Team
VFX Supervisor – Ido Banai
Compositor – Mercedes Polynomi
3D Artist – Vladimir Galat
Motion Graphics Artist – Rick Ravenell

Mother Nature Scene

Director – Smash LeFunK
Director of Photography – Daniele Colombera
1st AD – Efrain Melendez
2nd AD – Giuseppe Rinaldi
Audio Engineer – Tyler McDonald
Gaffer – Dennis Clark
Art Director – Dru Doe
Set Dresser – Randi Hocket
Hair Stylist – Serena Radaelli
Makeup and Body Paint – Antonella Tolot-Renyer
Wardrobe/Styling – Debbie Dot “Oiyi”
Jewelry/Metal Works – Shira Loa
Production Assistant – Sara Kaye


Music Curator – Smash LeFunK
Sound Engineer – Sugarpill

“Rotundus Maximus”
“Big Question Small Head”

“Goodbye” (instrumental version)

“3 Minutes of Silence”

The Mowgli’s
“See I’m Alive” (The Human Experience rmx)

“S.C. Honey”

“Impossible and Overwhelming”

“Bad Boy Bass”

The Glitch Mob
“Warrior Concerto”

Special Thanks to

The Lightning in a Bottle Community
Team Smash
Carlo Dalla Chiesa
Serena Radaelli
Alberto Tolot
Antonella Tolot-Renyer
Smashbox Digital
Smashbox Studios
Quixote Studios

and everyone who believed in our crazy vision


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