Lone Sloane

Haunted by the life he had to leave in order to support his family, Lone Sloane, a weary and embittered freighter, begins his long and conflicted journey home. Without warning, he is violently and mysteriously summoned to a dark and ancient planet. There, he is put to the ultimate test: succumb to the darkness that binds his mind, or continue to fight to honor those he loves… even if winning comes at a price.

This short film is a labor of love that we’ve nurtured in between client projects for the last 4 years. It is inspired by pulp comics, 70’s sci-fi and forged from a desire to create a visually striking and compelling silent film set entirely to music.

“Lone Sloane” is inspired and adapted from french graphic novel “Les 6 Voyages De Lone Sloane” by Philippe Druillet, set to “Eclipse Blue” by Nosaj Thing featuring Kazu Makino.


A Starbeast Digital Production
Directed by: Nick Losq
Produced by: Lloyd D’Souza
Technical Director: Christopher Clyne

Nevin Millan
Anna Trebunskaya
And introducing Amalya Millan

Cinematography: Kevin Gosselin
Edited by: Nick Losq
Music: Nosaj Thing Featuring Kazu Makino

Live Action Producer: Nevin Millan
Wardrobe: Erica Mer
Production Assistants: Holly Posadas, Michael Ostlie
Production Coordinator: Vartuhi Oganesyan, Elisabeth Meurer
Gaffer: Charlie Balch, Dave McCabe
Key Grip: Adam Kolegas, Sergio Silva
Hair & Makeup: Roxanne Pike, Jamie Richmond, Helen Kalognomos
Wardrobe Assistant: Andrea Peraza

Mark Branton, Sam Cividanis, Jeff Lee, Adam VanVleet, Ryan Whearty, Brinton Jaecks, Cameron Burr, Danny Koenig, Max Tulio, Frank Orellana, Andrew Schwartz, Thomas Horne, Robert Williams.

KG Camera, Stray Angel Films, Line204, Modern Props, Hand Prop Room, Cinestache, Universal Costume & Prop House

Special thanks to: Jacques and Christine Losq, Nasa, and our family and friends who supported us through this journey.

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