Los Reales Wards (Short version) – A most unique wedding video

This Wes Anderson style wedding video was shot in Orlando, Florida and is the creative product of award winning documentary filmmaker Trevor F. Ward. (Para subtítulos en español, clic on el CC de abajo.)

Andrea and Trevor are huge fans of Wes Anderson films. One of their first dates was to see the movie Moonrise Kingdom. As their wedding day approached, they decided that they didn’t want the standard wedding video that focused on just the wedding event.

Instead, they wanted a story about them, that would be entertaining to watch but something that also gave some insight into the relationship they had built together. Though most wedding videos focus on the event of the wedding, they do very little to capture the story of the relationship or why they love each other and have decided to live life together.

So, using inspiration from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Trevor and Andrea created one of the most creative wedding films you’ve ever seen. Well, at least the most creative wedding film you’ve seen today.

The full version of the video can be found here: https://vimeo.com/177396354

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