Lucio Arese – You (music by Nobukazu Takemura)

“You” is a short film directed by Lucio Arese, based on music composed by the Japanese genius Nobukazu Takemura.

The audiovisual flow is organized in repeated microsections of a few seconds each, everyone with his own life, linked together to form a modular structure.

The realization is characterized by a variety of techniques including 3d rendering, painting, a complex editing process and multilayered compositing.

A particular color treatment has been used on the whole film in order to obtain a burned out b/w photography, contributing to create a dense, dark, organic and somewhat indecipherable world where music and motion picture meet each other in a very intimate way.

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Designed, directed and produced by Lucio Arese

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Soundtrack: “Icefall”, composed by Nobukazu Takemura, edited by Lucio Arese

from the album “Scope”, published by Thrill Jockey Records in 1999

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