A young girl is wandering through a stony desert. Lost in Daydreams she follows her fate. Soon she will find out what is hiding behind her dreams…

Edit: Many people asked me about the music, I composed it myself and I have no Download Link until now.

Filmed in Fuerteventura over One day. Underwater shots have been done in a pool.

Equipment used was mainly the GH1 ( hacked ) with the new 12mm Noktor SLR Magic Hyperprime 1,6 on a Nano Steadycam.

I also used the 50mm FD 1,4 for some other shots.

Model is: Sophia Clara

The Magictail which are only shorty seen in the end are made by my sister Kirsten Soeller and you can have a look on this fantastic costumes.

There you can become a Mermaid yourself.

Have fun

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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