Maid to Haunt (2015)

I am proud to present my Animation Mentor student film, Maid to Haunt – (2015) A ghost desperately tries to scare a Maid, but in the end…

Making of:

Jess Morris – Created, Storyboards, and Animation (
Jeremy Vickery – Environment Design, Modeling/Shading, and Lighting/Compositing (
Jason Spilchak + Te Wilson – Cloth/Hair Modeling ( + )
Brian Arnold “Tweex Music” – Music Composition and Sound Design (


This short film made my graduation in 2009 even more special than it already was. I was honored to receive the Best Silent Acting Award for Maid to Haunt. Seeing that others enjoyed watching this film as much as I had working on it, really gave me the drive to make this a complete piece. And after many years and much help, it has happened! And I couldn’t be happier with the final product!

A big thanks goes out to Jeremy Vickery who had a huge part in the making of this film. This wouldn’t be possible without him!

Thanks to my Mentors who helped develop this film in the beginning: Sean Sexton and Cal Brunker. They pushed me past what I thought I could do, and taught me what the creative process should be.

Thanks to Brian Arnold for somehow knowing the music that was in my head.

And of course thanks to Animation Mentor; Bobby Beck, Shawn Kelly, and Carlos Baena for all that you do and helping dreams come true.

I hope you enjoy Maid to Haunt!

(Started in 2008, animation finished in 2009, whole project finished in 2015.)

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