Marcel Dettmann feat. Emika SEDUCTION

Seduction is a rather dark, twisted narrative music short about lust, fetish, loss of control, fear, and madness. It tells the story of a woman who unintentionally kills her partner in the course of amourous play. Director Parker Ellerman has teamed up with producer and Berghain resident DJ Marcel Dettmann for his new semi-ambient-track “Seduction”, featuring Emika on vocals. ” The “Seduction” remix EP is out on Ostgut Ton.

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Marcel Dettmann, “Seduction” feat. Emika, Ostgut Ton
Written & directed by: Parker Ellerman
Producer: Munir Abbar
Cinematography: Albrecht Silberberger
Film Editor: Rob Myers
Casting: Eva Vollmar
Starring: Cleo von Adelsheim, Sven Gerhardt, Stefano Cassetti

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