MASHMATIK : shortfilm for Getty MishMash competition 09

I put together this short for the 2009 Getty Images ‘MishMash’ competition. It was selected by the judges to be a ‘Runner Up’.

The brief for the competition was to make a short music video mostly using audio, stills and video from the wonderful and vast Getty library.

I decided to also shoot some stop-motion of the plastic numbers I’d been using for my TXT ISLAND film and incorporate these into the library footage. There’s a narrative here in which the numbers are bred in the lab for mathematical experimentation. The numbers escape from the lab and run free in the countryside.

tech notes:
Stop Motion shot with Stop Motion Pro software and Sumix 150M (monochrome) camera.
Composite & Edit with Adobe After Effects CS3.

by ‘Pump Audio’ available at Getty website

Footage, stills and music c. Getty Images.
c. Chris Gavin 2009.

director Chris Gavin works for Tandem Films.

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