Mellem Væggene

English title: Between Walls

An uninspired writer is trying to write a poem, but he is stuck between the walls of his home. All the negative energy around him materializes in black crows, which only his young daughter Mille seems to be able to see. Mille is innocent and open-minded and trying to discover her own creativ-ity, and soon creates a little white bird, which fills her with joy. But her father subconsciously pro-jects his frustrations onto her, as he does not know the effect he has on his own surroundings.

Want to know more about The Animation Workshop?

MELLEM VÆGGENE was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual student’s blogs at the links below to learn more about the talent behind the film!

Sara Jespersen Holm
Director/Story Development/Animator –

Agnete Maltha Winther
Animator/Production Manager/Story Development – www.

Sara Fenya Aunbirk
Art Director/CG Generalist –

Casper K. Christensen
Technical Director/Pipeline Management/Assistant Production Management –

Camilla Anderson
CG Generalist –

Frederikke Berg
CG Generalist – www.

Anne Birk Petersen
Animation Lead /Visual Development/Story Development –

Louise Gregersen
Animator/Character Design –

Stine Dalsgaard Andersen

Additional Work:
Morten Jæger
CG Artist

Anne-Mette W. Andersen
CG Artist

Siriphon Fah Anuntasomboon
CG Artist

Lærke Kromann
CG Artist

Martin Baadsgaard
CG Artist

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