MOTH Trailer

From the short film, MOTH. Written and Directed by Hilton Carter. Executive Produced by Penn Badgley.


Trailer score by Andrea Choe

Story Line: Sophie, a beautiful drug abusing young actress, flies into Los Angeles from New York, for a job. While staying at the home of some family friends, who just happen to be out of town, Sophie finds her boredom and unhappiness to be the least of her problems.

Director Statement:
Moth started out for me as a way of expressing my love for drama in cinema. Being a huge fan of auteurs like Ingmar Bergman, John Cassavetes, Federico Fellini, and others, I was intrigued by the way they could capture genuine moments on camera. I knew I wanted to write a drama and knew I wanted it to be about a woman left alone to her own devices. It wasn’t until a visit to the Lourve, that I found my direction, which came in the form of the painting The Young Martyr by Paul Delaroche.

My first thought was, “Its absolutely breathtaking”. But it wasn’t the execution of the painting, but the story itself. In this painting laid a young woman torn by heartbreak and in the top left corner, a man, standing at the top of a hill in silhouette. The young woman is tied up and left for dead. Now this “man on the hill” played for me as either the man who placed her in the river or the man that has come to save her. i.e. God or the Devil, good or evil.

So I knew at this moment that I wanted to create a film that told a story in this fashion. So the first thing I did was collect images and ideas and referred to films like, A Woman Under the Influence, Persona, etc, to get my inspiration for a sort of tone. And from that came MOTH (which started as Man On The Hill).

Liminal Productions & Fresh Kill 2010

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