Moto Moda – The Whisper

Moto Moda is a fantastic boutique apparel brand based in Nashville, TN, run by Jimmy Pruitt. When John and I started talking about doing a motorcycle piece together, we quickly targeted Moto Moda to be our brand partner. Jimmy was gracious enough to jump on board and let us do our thing. Like any great creative endeavor, collaboration and inspiration have taken us on a wild ride. The voice-over script was born out of my own realization that no project, no accolade, no scenario will ever bring you to a place of “arrival.” This piece serves as my reminder, in the event that I get sidetracked or distracted (which I will, and often do), that it’s ultimately about the journey. I also was drawn to the idea of a female lead in a motorcycle short. I’ve seen lots of great pieces, but usually about guys. There’s something cool, something empowering about a strong and feminine woman seeking adventure from behind the handlebars.

It was a true passion project with a skeleton crew and two incredibly long days. A huge thanks to everyone who came along on this adventure and helped make it a reality, and especially Blake Williams, for riding more in a 24-hour period than I thought was humanly possible.

Brand – Moto Moda (
Production Company – Revolution Pictures, Renegade Camera

Producer, Director and Editor – Matthew Underwood
Producer, Director of Photography – John Matysiak
Camera Operator & MOVI Tech – Colin Noel
Production Design – Evelyn Gomez
1st AC – Jeffrey Holland
Production Assistants: Benton Olivares, Kati Barid
Voice Over – RAURA
Voice Over Production – HATCH

Original Score – Aaron Farmer

Blake Williams
Scott Hundley
Nathaniel Hernadez
Liv Blankenship

Special Thanks:
Eric Oliver

Shot on RED Epic with Kowa anamorphics
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Graded in Resolve using KinoLut by Cineplus