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Writer/Director – Justin Tagg
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‘One of the best short films I’ve ever seen ‘
Matt Glasby – Film Critic, Total Film & GQ

“An Escher-like conundrum of a film that eats its own tail. Expertly crafted, warranting, (or perhaps demanding) repeat viewings.”
Peter Strickland – Wri/Dir Katalin Varga & Berberian Sound Studio

‘Very Impressive, Brazil meets Portal.’
Nev Pierce – Editor at Large, Empire

‘Excellent, intriguing and clever.It combines the best of Kafka and JG Ballard.Reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s Doodlebug’
Jon Towlson – Starburst Magazine

‘Justin Tagg’s enigmatic short film Mouse-X will leave viewers puzzling over its cyclical narrative. Destined to be an instant hit.’
Short of the Week

‘A beautifully shot short film that dwells into the existence of the human soul’
Back to the Movies

‘I watched it and knew I had to share the hell out of it. Damn I want to see a feature out of this.’
Aint it Cool News

‘A Must-Watch!’

‘A fantastic Sci-Fi msytery mindtrip’
Geek tyrant

‘A great short. Well shot, good acting and a fantastic story.’
Live for Films

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