Mr. Sean Truong and the Cowboys

Director: Thomas Takemoto-Chock
Writer: Thomas Takemoto-Chock
Producer: Nam Truong
Editor: Thomas Takemoto-Chock
Cinematographer: Christian Janss
Music: “The Jazz Piano” by Bensound

Nam Truong
Jomar Miranda
Alex Denney
Michael Wallace

After a bachelor party, the guys start up a poker game. Sean Truong flops the rarest of hands – a royal flush – but what should be a sweet win starts to turn sour when the most inexperienced player keeps raising the stakes.

Director’s Statement:
The heart of a story lies in its characters and the heart of cinema lies in its images. My favorite stories present interesting people in difficult situations that force them to change. My favorite filmmakers accomplish this with visual storytelling and nonverbal performances rather than dialogue. I strive to make my movies this way, so naturally this Interpretations competition presents a perfect opportunity. Only when filmmakers embrace all aspects of cinematic language can the full richness of their stories emerge.

Director’s bio:
Thomas Takemoto-Chock is an Asian American writer/director born and raised in Hawaii. He enrolled at the University of Hawaii film program and would go on to be a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute, graduating in 2012. His short films include the award winning Rain (2009) and Mojave ‘43 (2012), both of which feature Asian stories with Asian lead actors. Thomas aims to write and direct his first feature film in Hawaii, whose modern history and culture have yet to be authentically portrayed in cinema. Thomas hopes to share his home with the rest of the world through stories that both entertain and enlighten.

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