My child is dreaming

My Child is Dreaming:
The idyllic world of children against adults’ dreamlike visions.

When my daughter was born I bought my first diary.
In the beginning I was just taking notes of her progress, reactions and likes.

Then I began writing about my dreams as well.
 After two years, I’ve collected all the most beautiful bits to create a video. 
From such duality, a project called “My child is dreaming” was born.

It is an introspective journey full of metaphors and paradoxes that put in contrast the idyllic and enchanted world of children with adults’ dreamlike visions, sometimes a bit pessimistic and obsessive.


Created and Directed by Pask D’Amico

Music by Maurilio Cacciatore and performed by Ensemble Aleph

Animation, editing and post production by Klesha production

Special thanks to Maurilio Cacciatore, Alessandra Fracasso, Pierpaolo Battocchio, Elga Strafella,
Angela Antonicelli and Al Maranca.