Nave #527 (english subtitles)

“Kai wakes up in a strange place. He is confused and feels sick. He can’t remember anything, and although the place feels familiar to him, he doesn’t find the way out. A strange man dressed in black appears suddenly, asking him about a girl, Luna. Kai doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

A shortfilm by Ivan Castell. Horror-Science-Fiction.

Press & reviews:

– An oppressive and obsessive story, that catch you from the first minute.
El Pais.

– “A little treasure.”
Newspaper “Heraldo de Aragón”.

– “Darren Aronofsky, Gus Van Sant and David Lynch conform a stylistic background that dances to the sound of the soundtrack []. Risky screenplay and an indie american film aesthetics.”

Magazine “Zona de Obras”.

– “A disturbing, dark and very interesting film.”
“Que Pasa en la Calle”. Alt culture blog.

– “An oppressive atmosphere.”
“Digital Water Pavillion”. Blog.

– “There’s a pretty strong atmosphere in the story.
it makes you feel as though as if you were inside the warehouse, witnessing it all, powerless.”
“Rick’s Movies”. Film reviews blog.

– “A perfect film direction.”
Online newspaper “”.

> 100.000 views on internet since 2 juin 2008. Featured at Dailymotion España and International. Featured on national spanish newspaper “El Pais”.

Awards: 3er prize at Yuglo “3, 2, 1, acción”.

Festivals: ObuxoFest’08, La Noche sin techo 08, Yuglo “3, 2, 1, acción”, Babelgum, Xauax, SHOTS International Film Fest, KAN Film Festival.

Film Markets: Festival International du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand.

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