Nowhere Bound

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Sometimes the best adventures are those left to chance. Desillusion Magazine presents ‘Nowhere Bound’, a road trip across the West Coast of America from Ventura to Oregon and back, in search of waves, skate parks and empty roads.
Featuring Iron & Resin ambassadors JR Watson, Dylan Gordon, Ben Barnick, Cierra Cegielski, Holly Hanson and Samson Hatae.

Supported by Iron & Resin

This short film is based on the article ‘Nowhere Bound’ published in Desillusion Magazine 46, Tome 2, available on

‘A Young Forest Growing Up Under Your Meadows’
by Shane Carruth
from the album
Upstream Color

‘I See You’ve Got It Down’
by JR Watson
from the album
Girl Adored

‘A Little God In My Hands’
by Swans
from the album
To Be Kind

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