O Lago

“O Lago” (The Lake) is the 2nd short film from my “Kids” trilogy, between “João e o Cão” (2007) and “Schogetten” (2010), although the three of them are rather different.

It premiered in the Portuguese Cinemathéque and was shown on several festivals such as CineFest YFSFF (Hungary), 2morrow IFF (Russia), Fantasporto IFF (Portugal), etc.

It won the “Jury Prize” at the Primeiras Film & VideoArt Festival (Portugal) in September 2010.

cast: chandra malatitch, pablo malter, miguel borges, rui xavier, adriana bolito
writer, director, producer: andré marques
original music: jozef aleksander pedro
cinematographer: rui xavier
sound recordist: adriana bolito
editor: adelina bichis
sound post-production: filip muresan
production, sound and image assistant: nuno pedro
image assistant: bruno gonçalves

31m24s, HD, Color

andré marques © 2008