An old man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of Cornwall…but this time they find out they’re not so isolated after all.

Who said nothing ever happens on Sunday?

FIlm website: www.osfilm.org

Directors website: www.david-lea.com

Writer/Director/Maker: David Lea


Pipe Smoking Man: Brian Lea

His Wife: Janis Lea

Radio Broadcaster: Mark Miles Thomas

Featuring Silvia the cat and Bosun the dog


Writer/Director: David Lea

Music: Jon Opstad

Sound: Daniel Leavy

Visual FX: David Lea

CG Model Rigging: Chris Dawson

Additional Modelling: Ian Brown
David Head

Animation: Catheine Brooks
Conor O’Ryan
David Lea

CG VFX Support: Simon Brown
Francois Pons
Rick Theile

Particle VFX support: Anthony Martin

With Thanks to:
Rosalie Wilson
Jason Nicholas
Passion Pictures
David Roberts
Robert Jackson
Mel Ternan
Giles Dill
Stephane Coedel
Jennifer Mason
Stuart Hall