Once There Was a King

Stop-motion mixed with CG, short film based on a polish lullaby written by Janina Porazińska. Author of original music unknown. Performed by Maria Peszek.

A home made project, which I graduated with at my film school in Poland.
It combines cut out animation and 3d set-ups.

Lyrics, translated by Magda Bryll:

Once in a time,there lived a king
A princess and page together
They knew no tears, they knew no fears
They knew no stormy weather

The king loved her so, the page loved her so
They loved her each their way
She loved them both with all her heart
And more with every day

But fate was cruel, and their demise
A most uncanny slaughter
A dog ate the king, a cat ate the page
A mouse ate the princess-daughter

Yet you should not fret, my darling child
You should neither mourn nor cry
The king was sweet cane, the page: gingerbread
The princess was marzipan pie…

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