,ORIGINS’ Day2 : Drifters and Point sur la ligne

The YACAISTEfestival ,ORIGINS’ will be held in August : 21st-28th
Support the artists on : wemakeit.com/projects/origins-art-festival-berlin

DAY 2 : 22.8.2016, 8pm
,Point sur la ligne’
Creation for the festival
a dance performance by and with Mahmoud Rabiey, Mohamed Fouad, Kostas Ezz
Egypt, France

and a screening of ,Drifters’
a documentary by Hani Eskander | Drifter Films

,Drifters’ just won Best Short Documentary Award at the 5th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF) !
Screening at ,ORIGINS’ will be the film’s European Premiere !

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