Painting Hands (Interpretations 2.0/YOMYOMF)

Writer/Director: James Y. Shih
Director of Photography: Grant Friesen
Producers: James Y. Shih, Henry Brower
Editors: James Y. Shih, Musi Ang
Sound Recordist: Ivy Chu
Boom Operator/Stand In: Kevin Saph
Main Cast: Atticus Yin, Daniel Yin
Music: Renault’s Rorschach, “The Key” by Eliot E. Corley II

A father is intent on painting the house, but his four years old son keeps distracting him. After scolding his son, the son runs off and the father must find him.

Director’s Statement:
My dad once told me that he felt he was a bit too strict on me because my grandfather spoiled me. Looking back on my life, there were times when he was hard on me, but there were moments of warmth too. My dad just overcame a severe sickness, so this film was important for me to make. I wanted to create a short film that expressed the bond my father and I share. Even if we don’t say “I love you”, it’s understood.

Director’s bio:
James Y. Shih is a Taiwanese-American filmmaker and grew up in Milpitas, CA.

James has worked as a producer for “Fight Life,” a feature length documentary that takes an in-depth look into the lives of professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, and “Advantageous” a sci-fi feature and Sundance 2015 award winning film about a mother and a daughter surviving together in the near dystopian future.

James has also made other award-winning films, such as the short narratives “Distance” and “Moment”.

James is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Screenwriting at Cal State Northridge.

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