PARADIGM – A Senior Project Short Film

PARADIGM is a 3D animated short film created by Christopher D’Andrea for his BFA senior project. Its a story between two fractal generated entities extremely diverse in their nature. As the two objects progress, they evolve and change in the world around them. Their ultimate interaction is not held back by their environment because finally, the pieces merge and collide.

The concept behind the film represents man-kinds untold story of its very near future. Here, the organic shape represents humanity, as we have grown from a single cell into an advanced space-faring species. The geometric object represents technology. When the two meet, it is up to the viewer to interpret weather technology will destroy or enhance us in the coming paradigm shift.

‘I wanted the viewers to question where they stand on this matter. It’s hard to imagine a world where man is completely merged with technology.. and yet again, it’s even harder to imagine a world without it. Although this is my personal message in the film, I encourage everyone to walk away with their own interpretations.’

Enjoy 🙂


All visual art and effects created by Christopher D’Andrea

Original audio “Helio” made for Post Panic Productions “Stardust”
Composed by Ruben Semana and produced by Pivot Audio
Permission was given to me by Post Panic productions to use this audio for the film.

Software Used:

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3dStudio Max
Xeno Dream

Photo credit to NASA for some imagery

Thanks to all my friends, family and professors at LIU Post for supporting and believing in me.

Visuals are copyright2013 Christopher D’Andrea

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