Pitta Patter

Husband and wife duo Waleed and Karen run the family kebab shop. Waleed is more than likely infertile and the pressure to beget an heir is infiltrating their marriage and their business. And what is a family business without a family? Just a business.

Directed by Dan Castella
Written by Dan Castella & Chloe Davies
Dialogue by Olivia Poulet, Adeel Akhtar, and Gary Pillai

Waleed: Adeel Akhtar
Karen: Olivia Poulet
Alan: Gary Pillai

Director of Photography: Carlos Catalan
2nd Camera Operator: Tim Jordan
Sound Recordist: Michael Taylor
Camera Assistant: Alex Abdolwahabi
Location Manager: Ross Monaghan
Sound Editor: Harry Platford
FX Editor: Kasper Pedersen
Post Production Co-ordinator: Peter Fellows
Thanks to Goldcrest Post for letting us mix the film for free.

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Viewed: 9203