PlaybyPlay Shortfilm Trailer

Trailer for the Shortfilm “Play by Play” (USA 2010, 23 min).
Very proud to have been part of this experience and this amazing crew.

Actors: Charlie Bright, Jeremy Leary, Pamela Gaye Walker and Mattias Christensen.

Director: Carlos Baena
Writer: Bob Roden
Director of Photography: Tiffany Taira
Co-Director: Sureena Mann
Producer: David Munier
Co-Producer: Christopher Stewart
Music: Andrew Jimenez
Production Designer: Ryan Lynch
Costume Designer: Carrie Winchell

This short film was produced by Afterwork Films, a wonderful learning program that allows Pixar employees to work on outside projects to learn tasks we don’t have the chance to learn in our day jobs. I personally learned a great deal in the time I was part of this.

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