“Point of View” a short film by Doug Smith

**Official Selection of the Soul4Reel Film Fest 2011**

Since the day I got my Canon 5D HDSLR, I always wanted to shoot a POV style narrative film. From waking up, to eating, to driving, I wanted to fully embrace the idea seeing life in a way that we all do. Small narratives play out in our daily lives every single day, this is just my way of documenting it.

For this film I rigged up a Canon 5D MKII to sit right about where my neck is. Using both a belt and the supplied neck strap, I was able to steady the camera and maintain use of both arms to perform the actions in the film. I shot the film on the Canon 16-35mm at 16mm to produce the wide-angle effect. For the later scenes in the film, I used a Lensbaby Composer with Wide-Angle adapter.

Here’s a few of the film that inspired mine

“Last Day Dream” by Chris Milk http://vimeo.com/4155700
“Cinnamon Chasers” by Saman Keshavarz http://vimeo.com/6540668
“Walk in the Park” by Anthony Cote http://vimeo.com/12062962

Special Thanks to my girlfriend Jenny for taking time out of her studying to help me with my project. Also, thanks to Anthony Cote for letting me borrow the Lensbaby Wide-Angle adapter.

Hope you Enjoy!

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