Portugal. The Man – Noise Pollution (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3) [Official Music Video]

It’s been a rough month y’all.

Not to be dramatic and shit, but there’s a flood of noise right now that feels like it might drown us all. And it’s harder and harder to tell what’s fact, what’s opinion, and what’s just straight up bullshit.

We’re not able to make sense of it, much less tell you how to make sense of it. Thank God there’s music for that. We’ve been working on a new record with your boy Michael Diamond for awhile, but we made a quick stop in Alaska with filmmaker Michael Ragen to shoot this video. Seemed like the right time to show it to you.

We’re in this together.


Featuring – Zoe Manville and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Director – Michael Ragen
Headbanger – Padraic Moonson
Magician- Levi Gourley
MVP: Zachary Carothers
Producer – Richard Hutchins
Cinematographer – Michael Ragen
AC – Cary Gallagher
Colorist – Darin Wooldridge
Video Commissioner – David Saslow