Posthumanismaniarama! is a short film exploring the increasingly blurred line between human and machine. Through a series of vignettes, we follow the evolution of our relationship with technology, up to the present and beyond.

At times unsettling and darkly comedic, this short wrestles with the looming issues of singularity, robotics, and the future of mankind. Will these changes and fusions push human existence into an enlightened age or will we be left in the digital dust?

Casey Duke Feldman, 25, is a writer and director originally from New York City. He graduated from Wesleyan University’s Film Studies Department in 2012, where his thesis film Barflies was awarded high honors and the Stephen J. Ross prize for Best Picture. His previous films have played in festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, and LA Shorts. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works as an Associate Producer for Vice Media. He has concerns about the future.

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