What does Professional mean to you?

Do you automatically think of someone perched behind a big desk sporting an expensive suit, nice Rolex and babbling nonsensical drivel? Yes? Well you shouldn’t!

For us at Magnetizer it means to be the best at what you do. Like a surgeon removing a gall bladder at the end of a 13 hour day or a hazardous device technician defusing a bomb with only seconds to spare. It’s all about focus, love and the desire to be the best you possibly can.

For the short film below, we focused on three professionals hard at work. To amplify what they do and how they do it so well, we personified non-professional traits such as messy, negative and careless into the imaginary character trio ‘The Distractions’. ‘The Distractions’ soul purpose is to make sure everything goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately for these guys their dealing with some straight up professionals.

NOTE – This is part of a series of films for Magnetizer’s ‘About’ page on their Website.

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