Winner: 45th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival “Platinum Remi”, “Honorable Mention” Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012, “Honorable Mention” 37th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival,Staffordshire Festival of Performing Arts – Best in the International Short Film category, 2012 Sunset International Film Festival – Best Sound Design.
Official selection: 3rd Jaipur International Film Festival 2011, Metropolis Film Festival 2011

Short film “Return” is an attempt to lead the audience through emotions and feelings of a man who has lost everything, who has lost the very awareness of himself and the world surrounding him. His life turned into a black and white movie and all he had left were his memories and burning desire to go back in time.

Rich and entailing atmosphere of the film is soaked with great love and respect for legendary science fiction writers such as Ray Bradbury and Robert Sheckley. Simple plot is filled with enormous quantity of symbols and allusions, detailed analysis of which will give an attentive viewer a lot of food for thought. The film does not imply any particular moral and is open for interpretation. Each person will find something that resonates with their own experiences.

The film was shot on a digital camera and had zero budget. Because light plays key role in the composition, it required a lot of extra special attention. All scenes were shot using the only light source – the Sun. Light was directed through the set via a complicated system of mirrors.

Soundtrack for the film was composed by a brilliant Spanish composer Alex Conrado, famous for his work with Pedro Almodovar himself. Conrado was able to capture the mood of the film and amplified it with his amazing music. Hope that film “Return” will take a special place in your hearts.

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