Rouquine – shortfilm

“A writer has created his own creative nemesis. Rouquine has trapped him, or did he trap himself.”

A second short film from the creative art lab run by designer T-Michael.
Written by Finn-Erik Rognan and T-Michael.

Starring Hanne-Marte Sørlie, Einar Blokhus, Kai Taule and Mikal Olsen Lerøen.

Directed by Finn-Erik Rognan & Nils J. Nesse
Produced by T-Michael
Cinematography by Finn-Erik Rognan

Music written and composed by Marianne Sveen
Editing by Finn-Erik Rognan
Colored by Kristian Skogen

Filmed on RED Camera and lenses.
Shot on location in Bergen, western Norway.

Likes: 12

Viewed: 1954